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December 13, 2008


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I’ve been MIA for a while because  I have been busy with work and school.  I saw I still get a few 1,000 views a week (mostly robots) but figured I should update.  The following things have happened…

– Obama won, but he is not president yet so even though he wants to save all of us from our impending doom he cannot.  Remember how Tony Romo was the 2nd string guy behind Drew Bledsoe and had to sit through Bledsoe choking every game and Romo had that look on his face, you know, the “Jesus what is it going to take to get me in there” look.  Obama is in that situation, and Bush is probably just as ready to leave.  

– I’m the grammar nazi at work.  What is worse is even though my grammar is not great by any means, I am probably the smartest outside of one manager in the store.  Even worse is that when I pointed out a mistake on a sign (using its instead of it’s) the customer standing next to me got angry and said I was wasting my breath arguing and should not care about signs.  Excuse me for expecting a certain level of intellect out of our customers, but if I went shopping and saw a sign that said “Its the best deal hear!” I would question the intelligence of the employees that worked there.  I think I will start to take pictures of every bad sign we put up in the store and post them, maybe it will get dugg or reddited or yahoo! buzzed.  

– I am a fan of New Year resolutions.  Last year my resolution was to stop using straws in my drinks because I thought was not manly enough.  I’m happy to say for the most part I have stopped using straws.  This year I think I’m going to shoot for dressing better.  I think a dress shirt and slacks will be my new standard attire by sometime next year.  Maybe not that well dressed, but I do not know how far I want to go here yet.  It just seems like the late 1900’s happened and now a t-shirt and jeans is just what is expected of men.  I am not going to change that alone, but I can be the most well dressed person if every other man decides not change with me.  

That’s it for now, I’m tired and it is late.  Moment of zen…


How John Kennedy dressed when going to the ballgame.


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