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January 17, 2009

Weatherman Showdown – Final

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For the past week I used the Sunday forecast from 5 different sources and graded them on how far they were off on predicting the high and low temperatures.  

The winner?  CBS’s Mike Burger who for the week combined was off on an average of ZERO degrees.  Sure he was high sometimes, and low others, but it averaged out to zero.  His worst day was the Tuesday high, where he predicted 53 and it was 46, only 7 degrees off.  


Who was last?  Weather.com, who is also NBC’s forecast, as they were on average about 5 degrees off.  Their worst day was Friday’s low, they guessed 37 and it got down to 22. 

Overall every single one guessed higher on average than lower.  This means that the cold front that came though Wednesday night and is just leaving today was worse than anyone really thought.  Dan Henry on Fox was first, two weeks ago, to predict this cold front, while others were saying it would go further to the east and we would not get any of its effect.

Standings: (Average Degrees off Actual Temperature)

1. CBS (0.1)

2. Weather Underground (1.3)

3. Fox (1.6)

4. ABC (2.0)

5. Weather.com/NBC (4.4)

Yes, I had entirely too much fun doing this, and next week I am planning on adding Yahoo! and AccuWeather.  I was really hoping Fox would win, but numbers don’t lie, if you want the best forecast and live in Dallas, tune into CBS 11.


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