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October 18, 2007

Observations from NBA2K8

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So I’ve played almost 10 games on NBA2K8 at work on lunches and have come to the conclusion that it is a must own game. I knew it would have the best gameplay, but the “personal” touches for each team are out of this world. Playing it is a joy, and when playing with Josh at work we often comment, “there’s no other game with that… ever.” Here are some of the things I’m talking about, most of them crowd related.

Fans in San Antonio – Just like the real fans in San Antonio they know two chants; “GO SPURS GO” and “D-FENSE!” This is, trust me, the first game to have the real “dum-da-dum-da-dum…. GO SPURS GO!” chant. I totally freaked when I heard it. The other great moment is when Bruce Bowen shoots the fans yell, “BRUUUUUUUUUCE!”

Bruce Bowen – Speaking of, he shuts down Kobe in the game. Or LeBron. Or anyone else. It’s him. How do you know for sure? I have yet to miss a three from the corner with an open Bruce Bowen. And when the crowd yells “BRUUUUUUUCE!” it is a “holy shit, they actually did that?” moment.

Fans in Detroit – Okay, I love the Spurs, so I’m going to like the Pistons. It’s slow, defensive minded basketball in both cities. But the fans and arena are great because they have all of the following in the game… “DETROIT…. BASKETBALLLLL!” “Scored by Chauncy B-B-B-Billups” “SHEEEEEEED!” “PRIIIIINCE!” It’s awesome. Playing a home game there is just awe inspiring, and loud.

Rasheed Wallace – Okay, so it’s got his shot style and his spot on the head and the Air Force Ones. But, call a timeout and Sheed goes and talks to the refs for the whole timeout.

Phoenix Fans – Remember when I said Detroit was a very loud place to play? Well Phoenix is dead on, as a quiet place to play. Sure, fans cheer, but in Detroit you can tell it’s 16,000 nutzo, riot when we win, Pistons fans, and in Phoenix it’s 16,000 average fans. At least on the team you get Marions shot, and Stevie Nash makes any layup he tries that isn’t blocked.

The arena atmosphere makes this game a step above the others. It’s like nothing else. And it amazes me that EA Sports, being known for “it’s in the game”, can’t even put the Eagles, Jets, Redskins, or anyone else’s cheer in Madden? If there was an NFL2K8 you would have all of the above plus, cheeseheads, Seattle’s 12th man, Raider’s blackhole fans, Cleveland dawgs, Redskins Pigs, Jets Fireman Ed, Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, Steelers terrible towels, and whatever else I’m missing. Just imagine playing in Pittsburgh in the playoffs with 80,000 towels waving, or in Philly hearing “FLY EAGLES FLY, ON THE WAY TO VICTORY” when you give up that TD. Wouldn’t that be better than the same old, “Touchdown!” then it plays generic music for 4 seconds?

So here’s my comparison shot, I do this all the time with EA vs. 2K….

Kevin Garnett (Real)


NBA Live 08

Obvious to me that 2K8 got it right.


September 30, 2007

“Woot!” or… “On The Doomsday Clock 12AM is Nuclear War”

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For those who don’t know, the website woot.com sells stuff. But the catch, or gimmick, to Woot’s site is that they sell one item per day, starting at midnight central time. The items are usually tech type items, such as mice, speakers, monitors, but sometimes the items are completely off the wall like today, where they are selling a pool cleaning device. From time to time Woot hold a “Woot Off” when items are sold as soon as the quantity on hand is sold out, meaning there is no clue when an item will sell out bringing a new item up, and there are always items with small quantities with a very low price.

Woot has to be pretty successful. Why? Because they are branching out! Started with the OG woot.com, now there are three “other” Woot sites. First came Wine Woot! Instead of selling one per day, it is one Wine per week. Sometimes a small sampling of different wines per week. I’m not a drinker, and definately don’t know squat about wine, but the prices seem pretty fair if you’re into the grapes.

Next came Shirt Woot! This is another great idea, sell one t-shirt per day, and the design is made by a person, not a company. They hold design derbies and the winners have their shirts made and sold on the site. All the designs are Woot originals, so you get to get a rare shirt with any purchase. Shirts are always $10, with free shipping.

Then came the new Sellout Woot! When Martin Lawernce made “Rebound” you could call that “selling out.” So when Woot did a calboration with Yahoo is there a better name than “Sellout Woot!” Sellout is new, so it’s hard to tell what they are trying to do there, but the items so far have been usually cheaper than normal Woot’s, but still great items. Recently there was a set of $5 binoculars, as well as a $1 AC to DC adapter.

So why am I posting this? Because I check the Woot’s every night and never buy anything, and the things I try to buy I am always late on. Pisses me off. That’s it.

September 9, 2007

What Needs Work in Madden 08

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After playing two different seasons on Madden 2008 I feel pretty well versed in the game, here are my complaints.

1. Fix the PlayStation 3 version – EA Sports blew it with not making the PS3 version 60 FPS like the Xbox 360. It really does show, and makes 2008 look more like 2007.5. Also, the Sony faithful were what made Madden from about 2001 to 2006 such a huge franchise. You think the Nintendo 64 put Madden as a top seller?

2. Fix the preplay “HUD” – To start, I know you can turn it off. But, I want the game to not show all the options until I press one. I’ll play random against people and if I turn the HUD off I have no clue what the audibles are unless I go set that up (which I hate people that do that) and then memorize what I put. Just have an option to “Turn on when pressed.” Done.

3. Bring Madden back into Madden – Okay, outside of the name on the box where the hell is Madden? One of the great things about Madden (the person, not the game) is he is at the point where he is a characture of himself. He sawed a turducken in half with his bare hands. Madden once greeted, then, President Regean with “Hey how ya doin?” This guy needs to be doing the color work in this game. I guess the ESPN licence kind of screwed that. So then…

4. Take Madden out of Madden – Call the damn game Monday Night Football and get Turico, Kornheiser, and Jaws to do the commentary. Put Tafoya on the sidelines and call it a night. It took 2K Games one year of “so-so” ESPN intergration then they blew it out the water with Boomer, Wingo and even got Mel Kiper in the game! EA Sports can’t even get an ESPN personality at the pregame, as Marshall Faulk does an absolutely horrible job at the pregame.

5. Make more sense on these trophies and rings. I have no clue what trophies I’ve won when the game is over, tell me what I did. I have no clue where the points for the rings are coming from, please tell me where they come from.

6. Get the Unis right – All team captains are wearing a “C” patch this season. Guess how many teams in Madden 08 have this? None. Also, when picking a uni, give a preview before selection, and when picking, let the home team pick first, just like in the (wait for it…) NFL.

7. Fix the Crowd – There are about 5 sprites for the crowd remade to make 80,000 people. Somehow, in NBA2K7 there seems to be about 25 different types of people and they will occasionally get up to get food or go to the bathroom. It’s fucking surreal in that game to see a timeout, the mascot runs out, security walks down the stairs, and it looks like a timeout. Call a timeout on Madden and you cut to a screen that says “TIMEOUT” and you can see the crowd going completely ape shit below like someone yelled “FREE IPHONES FOR EVERYONE THAT JUMPS!”

8. Fix Speeds of Players – Antoine Winfield (cornerback for the Vikings) runs a 4.41 second 40 yard dash. I got caught by Jon Kitna from the Lions and had to do a damned spin move to not get tackled by a quarterback chasing me, a white one at that. Either way, this should not happen.

Do it EA.

July 14, 2007

Review: PlayStation 3 and Resistance: Fall of Man

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So I did it. I got my PlayStation 3 yesterday at Best Buy. They were kind enough to price match Circuit City’s free controller offer, I wanted to get it at Best Buy for a couple reasons. One; they have their Reward Zone card which landed me about $15 in gift cards for getting it there. Two; on Circuit City’s “City Advantage” protection it covers the system, but to get it fixed you have to call a number where you send it off then get it returned, fixed natch, or they send a gift card for the value of the system. At Best Buy their “Product Replacement Plan” means you walk in, they test it, then they give you a new one. Also, if it breaks and they replace it and the price has dropped to $300 then you can use the difference to buy games! Games!

I purchased Resistance on the good word on Jaime. He sells damned near every game he buys back to Gamestop, but said he kept this one because it was that good. Good enough for him, good enough for me. And he was right, I played maybe 30 minutes of single player then decided to try out the online part. Seemed awesome from what him and others had told me.

And they were right. It’s easily the most fun I’ve had online on a console. Everything plays so smoothly. In 2 minutes you can go from system off to playing online. The game also has a perfect balance with the humans and chimera. It’s not like one dominates the other, so things stay pretty even.

The best part is the “Level” system works. You gain XP from rounds more for winning and less for losing. When you level up you gain a military style ranking. Right now I am “Gunnery Sergeant.” Plus you earn ribbons and medals. Ribbons are fairly easy and you win those by getting a headshot or killing 3 people in a row without dying. The medals take more time and are more difficult to earn. Things like “Get 100 Assist Kills” or “Get 100 Kills with a specific gun” are examples of medals. Another part I like, for a stat geek like myself is how much is tracked. It keeps up with kills per gun, rounds played/won, ect.

I like what Insomniac did by not making you pay for the maps to enjoy your online gaming also. If pick Ranked Game and it starts up it won’t pop up telling you “YOU DON’T HAVE THE MAP THE GAME WAS ON” and you have to wait again. Some games like Gears of War do that nearly every time and it pisses me off. I don’t have the $10 right now to buy some maps, but by not making me and letting me enjoy the HELL out of this game online I would love to have some more maps, thank you.

Back to the PlayStation; the system itself is a lot like the game above. It is smooth. You never hear the system, not whirling up the disc, not loading from the hard drive, nothing. Unlike the 360 which sometimes sounds like it has a bad timing belt, the PlayStation runs quietly, hardly making any noise outside of the almost misplaced “beep” when you turn it on from the controller.

The menus are very easy to use, and when I saw the Sony guy at E3 with a phone that had similar menu styles I was jealous. They don’t try to be too much, and that makes it so easy to use. The Sony Online Store also has a feast of movie trailers online for viewing which make it so easy to want to buy as many Blu-Ray movies as you can. Seeing the 300 preview makes waiting for it’s release an anticipation of sorts.

Sony did really well with this, and I would gladly sell my Xbox 360 for less than face value with all my games and accessories with it as the PlayStation is the King of Consoles.

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