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April 20, 2008

“Obama Cool”

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Every time Obama does something out of this world awesome, like the speech in South Carolina, I like to say he’s got that “Obama cool” about him.  But then he went and gave me the scene to discribe exactly what “Obama cool” is.  

When asked about all the attacks from Clinton and McCain, Obama said “Sometime you have to…” then paused for a beat and did this…

The best part is the whole crowd goes completely nutzo.  He’s telling us, look, I’m ready, if you think attacking things about me I can not control is going to fix America then go for it, I’ve got some real plans for this country to talk about, let me brush my shoulders off and get to work.

Watch the full video below.

NBA Playoffs Quickie…


Round 1

Lakers over Denver in 5

Hornets over Mavs in 7

Spurs over Suns in 6

Jazz over Rockets in 4

Round 2

Jazz over Lakers in 7

Spurs over Hornets in 5


Spurs over Jazz in 6



Round 1

Celtics over Hawks in 4

Pistons over 76ers in 6

Magic over Raptors in 5

Wizards over Cavs in 7

Round 2

Celtics over Wizards in 5

Pistons over Magic in 6


Pistons over Celtics in 7



Spurs over Pistons in 7


Wait, that’s what I want, here’s really…


Celtics over Pistons in 6


Spurs over Celtics in 7


Moment of zen…

Happy 32nd Birthday Tim Duncan.  Say it LOUDER… Go Spurs Go!


April 9, 2008

NBA Playoff Push: “Southwest Owns You All”

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I was looking at the NBA Standings today and noticed that if the number 9 team in the West went to the East they would be the number four team over there.  But look divisionally, the Southwest has FOUR teams over .600 winning %.  That’s insane.  I’ve got my playoff preview coming as soon as the season is over, because for the first time in my lifetime the regular season matters more than ever.

In a mini-preview, here are the only teams you can consider championship worthy; San Antonio, Los Angeles, Utah, Phoenix, Boston, and Detroit.  No one else.  Dallas and New Orleans are close, but Dallas has the wrong chemistry and New Orleans (CP3 for MVP) is a season away.


“Remember when you got swept in the Finals?  You’re not Jordan yet.”

October 18, 2007

Observations from NBA2K8

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So I’ve played almost 10 games on NBA2K8 at work on lunches and have come to the conclusion that it is a must own game. I knew it would have the best gameplay, but the “personal” touches for each team are out of this world. Playing it is a joy, and when playing with Josh at work we often comment, “there’s no other game with that… ever.” Here are some of the things I’m talking about, most of them crowd related.

Fans in San Antonio – Just like the real fans in San Antonio they know two chants; “GO SPURS GO” and “D-FENSE!” This is, trust me, the first game to have the real “dum-da-dum-da-dum…. GO SPURS GO!” chant. I totally freaked when I heard it. The other great moment is when Bruce Bowen shoots the fans yell, “BRUUUUUUUUUCE!”

Bruce Bowen – Speaking of, he shuts down Kobe in the game. Or LeBron. Or anyone else. It’s him. How do you know for sure? I have yet to miss a three from the corner with an open Bruce Bowen. And when the crowd yells “BRUUUUUUUCE!” it is a “holy shit, they actually did that?” moment.

Fans in Detroit – Okay, I love the Spurs, so I’m going to like the Pistons. It’s slow, defensive minded basketball in both cities. But the fans and arena are great because they have all of the following in the game… “DETROIT…. BASKETBALLLLL!” “Scored by Chauncy B-B-B-Billups” “SHEEEEEEED!” “PRIIIIINCE!” It’s awesome. Playing a home game there is just awe inspiring, and loud.

Rasheed Wallace – Okay, so it’s got his shot style and his spot on the head and the Air Force Ones. But, call a timeout and Sheed goes and talks to the refs for the whole timeout.

Phoenix Fans – Remember when I said Detroit was a very loud place to play? Well Phoenix is dead on, as a quiet place to play. Sure, fans cheer, but in Detroit you can tell it’s 16,000 nutzo, riot when we win, Pistons fans, and in Phoenix it’s 16,000 average fans. At least on the team you get Marions shot, and Stevie Nash makes any layup he tries that isn’t blocked.

The arena atmosphere makes this game a step above the others. It’s like nothing else. And it amazes me that EA Sports, being known for “it’s in the game”, can’t even put the Eagles, Jets, Redskins, or anyone else’s cheer in Madden? If there was an NFL2K8 you would have all of the above plus, cheeseheads, Seattle’s 12th man, Raider’s blackhole fans, Cleveland dawgs, Redskins Pigs, Jets Fireman Ed, Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, Steelers terrible towels, and whatever else I’m missing. Just imagine playing in Pittsburgh in the playoffs with 80,000 towels waving, or in Philly hearing “FLY EAGLES FLY, ON THE WAY TO VICTORY” when you give up that TD. Wouldn’t that be better than the same old, “Touchdown!” then it plays generic music for 4 seconds?

So here’s my comparison shot, I do this all the time with EA vs. 2K….

Kevin Garnett (Real)


NBA Live 08

Obvious to me that 2K8 got it right.

September 11, 2007

Madden Part Duex

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Okay, I wrote that Madden thing off the top of my head, just bored writing to be honest. So after playing a game here is what I’ve got to say.

Adrian Peterson will NEVER fumble the ball 4 times in one game. I don’t care if he did it on spin moves or juke moves, he never will do that. And when he does a Redskin lineman isn’t going to pick it up and run untouched 60 yards for the TD. These sort of things should never be in a game. And to make it worse, Chester Taylor fumbled twice. I honestly wouldn’t be so angry if the CPU was fumbling the ball as much as I do.

Also of note, what happened to “If it’s in the game, it’s in the game?” From the last game I played…

– Clinton Portis wears his socks low. Looks terrible but he does it almost every game, so then put it in the game.

– Joe Gibbs is one of the two coaches I know of that wear a full set of headphones with mic during the game, opposed the to the normal one ear style most coaches wear. Again, put it in the game.

– Gibbs also ALWAYS wears that cap with the “R” script on it. Put it in.

– Why do the players (still) run right through the walls in the endzone? How hard would that be to fix? It’s not like players in NBA Live just run right out the arena when they are going out of bounds. The hockey guys in NHL 07 seem to be able to stay on the ice. Fix it.

I still can’t give this game a rating, but if I did on emotions it would be a 4 of 10 right now, there’s so much right, and still so much wrong.

June 28, 2007

NBA Draft Live Blog

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7:38 – Well that’s the first 10, blog on your own for the rest, I’m going to sit and wait to see what the Spurs do.  I would almost put $100 on them going international.  They do it all the time, and then three years from now in the 2011 Finals some guy named Rafalonso will be playing for the Spurs and people will be like “They drafted him in 2007?!”

7:35 – Kings take Hawes. Hawes looks like he is ready to be the next Ostertag. But, the NBA has so few 7 foot true Centers that he could be valuable.

7:31 – I find it so funny EA Sports puts all their sports games all over so early and 2K Sports does nothing. It was recently revealed that is because they know EA would steal any new ideas they had, which isn’t very surprising. It’s funny though. NBA Live has blown for at least 7 years.

7:29 – Chicago, who have one of the best defensive centers in Wallace, drafted a guy who isn’t ready to score in the NBA. Draft grade F.

7:25 – The Bulls take Noah. Noah decided “lets keep people thinking I’m a moron and I’ll dress like Matlock.” Noah seems like a complete idiot, he always acts childish and has trouble speaking clearly.

7:18 – The Bobcats take Wright. Looks like a talented kid. Needs to put some pounds on though.

7:15 – I’m SICK of all the Tony Parker comparisons. Corey Brewer is 23. Tony Parker was the starting point guard in the NBA Finals at age 23 and won them. We will see if any of these guys are Finals MVP in two years. Could you imagine if Parker played in American college?

7:14 – Brewer to the T-Wolves. I’m ready for the KG stuff to end. All of America is. So is Noah the “worst” of these Gators? I thought he was the heart and soul and all that bullshit. Bobcats take him and they will have Noah and Morrison. Long Strange Trip.

7:10 – Yi plays in Milwaukee. Yi just said he loves LA. KoYi Bryant?

7:05 – The Bucks take Yi Jianlian! 1,300,000,000 new Bucks fans! Starting center for the East in the All Star game is Yi! “Yi is 50 Cent!” ESPN should feel blessed that CNNSI gave up and that Fox Sports Network is 2413 separate stations and that TNT didn’t get the Draft.

7:02 – Tim Duncan is my favorite basketball player, but he doesn’t need to be in any ads. Way too out of place.

7:00 – Why do the draft picks have notebooks at their tables? These guys are 20 years old, right now all they know is MySpace and Facebook.

6:57 – Jeff Green to Boston then to Seattle. Too bad, a guy named Jeff Green could have fit in with the Celtics. Now Green puts on a Boston hat and does the whole charade of “I can’t wait to be a black guy in Boston!” Only to get a Seattle hat a couple minutes later.

6:53 – Memphis takes Conley Jr. Is West still running them because this is a great pick. They needed a point guard so they drafted one. Memphis is one great three point shooter away from being a contender… in the East.

6:49 – Horford to Atlanta. The Hawks draft another forward, making this their 5th in a row. Atlanta has new uniforms that have blue in them and have an Arizona Cardinals logo on them. What the hell is that? Wilbon on PTI said, “Bring back the unis with the pac-man on them!” Huh? Well I’m sure Al will enjoy playing for the Atlanta Cardinals… er Hawks.

6:46 – And with those two picks, the Eastern Conference just lost at least 3 or 4 more years to the West!

6:43 – Durant to Seattle. And let’s interview his mother! I still don’t get why ESPN feels the needs to do this. It’s just unneeded. We know what his mom is thinking, why ruin her moment? Durant still scares me with the benchpress stuff. Can’t lift 185? I don’t know a lot of guys who can’t do that. I think he is still 3 years from being grown enough to be good, let alone great.

6:41 – TRADE! Ray Allen to Boston for #5 pick and junk. Boston just got…. I don’t even know at this point if they are better or worse.

6:36 – Oden to Portland. Why did all the guys in the Portland draft room wait until Oden was drafted to put their hats on? It’s not like they got drafted. I’ve never seen anyone play like he does. Oh and, “You can’t teach 7 feet!”

6:34 – Blazers draft team looked happy. Wait… we get Steven A. Smith for the whole night?! I thought he was the lead in guy who would come back for round two!

6:30 – OK intro movie done. All American Rejects? Let’s pick a band that doesn’t fit in at all here!

6:17 – Draft starts at 6:30, I’m going to eat something.

6:13 – Greg Oden looks old and that will help him. People who look old young have an advantage in that when they are old they look the same. So it looks like they have not aged as much as people who look younger than they are and when they age everyone notices.

6:10 – Yi said if the Bucks draft him he does not want to play there. The Bucks just said if he is there we are taking him. I’ll call it already; Bucks draft grade = F-

6:06 – Steven Smith just said 2 franchise players makes for a deep draft.

6:03 – Do we really need a picture of the Blazers draft room? If they don’t know by now then they are screwed.

6:01 – Welcome to the Live Blog! This draft will feature two players then a ton of “Who?” guys. When the 3rd pick is expected to be a “solid role player” you know this is going to be a bad draft.

May 18, 2007

Sparkling Record IV: NBA Playoffs Round 3

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– Spurs over Suns in 6: EXACTLY

– Utah over Golden State in 4: Close

– Detroit over Chicago in 5: Close


– New Jersey over Cleveland in 7: oops.

Round 2 Record: 3-1
Round 1 Record: 6-2

Total: 9-3 (5 Exactly Right)


May 6, 2007

The More In Depth Stuff

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I promised, I deliver.

So far I’ve seen a lot of things in the NBA playoffs that stick out in my mind, so here they are…

Inside the NBA is the best sports related programming on TV outside of PTI. If you missed the “Can Chuck Tell Which Donut is Krispy Kreme?” thing then you missed the best TV in the last month. The combo they have is perfect, and it’s odd how when they get Magic or Reggie on occasion the show is just as good. ESPN needs to take notice, hearing Steven A Smith yell, then Greg Anthony go on for too long, and then they bring in Tom Tolbert and it goes to hell. Matter of fact, at this point just tell TNT to do it, give up.

The Mavericks lost their series in Game 1 when Avery Johnson changed his line up to match Don Nelson’s small quick team. I can all but promise that Nelson got the news of Johnson’s lineup change and RAN to the locker room and YELLED, “WE GOT THEM SCARED, THEY ARE SCARED OF US!!!” Then Golden State proceeded to play great basketball and won.

And that’s another thing, Golden State won the series, Dallas did not give it away, or fail, or anything like that. They got beat by a team that played better, that’s what a seven game series does, it shows who is the better team, and better coach.

The Raptors really played great, the foreign guy is great, they play fast enough to beat teams like Detroit, and their coach must be good to beat Sloan for Coach of the Year. Here is what they need to be a “World Class” team… a better food spread in the locker rooms. Chris Bosh needs 20 pounds, by next season.

Here are my “Remaining Team’s Power Rankings:”
1. San Antonio
2. Detroit
3. Phoenix
4. Chicago
5. Utah
6. Golden State
7. New Jersey
8. Cleveland

But I think the NBA doesn’t want Spurs vs. Pistons for the Finals. Both of them are even more polished than they were a couple years ago when they played in the Finals. Meaning, we would watch the slowest basketball possible. Let me do some math, 12 minutes per quarter, or 720 seconds, with both these teams each taking usually the whole 24 second shot clock they would each get 15 tries for a basket. Since both teams play great defense they would shoot 40% from the field, meaning they would make about 6 shots per quarter or about 13 points. 4 quarters of that is 52 points! Could you imagine a 51-52 score in a playoff game? You think the NBA wants that? Wouldn’t the Suns and Cavs be more fun to watch for average fans?

And here goes, moment of zen…

I love those Gigantes jerseys, hope everyone had a safe Cinco de Mayo.

Sparkling Record III: Right From Wrong Edition

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– Suns over Lakers in 5: Exactly right

– Spurs over Nuggets in 6: I gave the Nuggets one more win than it took.

– Utah over Houston in 7: Exactly right

– Detroit over Orlando in 4: Exactly right

– Cleveland over Washington in 4: Exactly right

– New Jersey over Toronto in 7: It only took the Nets 6 games.


– Dallas over Golden State in 6: I think we all know how that went, only pick where I was happy to be wrong.

– Miami over Chicago in 5: At least D-Wade is funny in the ads with Charles Barkley.

So here are the quick picks for round two…

– Spurs over Suns in 6
– Utah over Golden State in 4

– Detroit over Chicago in 5
– New Jersey over Cleveland in 7

More in depth stuff some other night, but work calls early tomorrow, so goodnight and moment of zen…

So there were stars at the Warriors game who were FAKERS, but props to Owen Wilson who was there, he is a huge Nellie fan, how do I know? Because he scored Nellie A-LIST seats at the Oscars a year ago. Seriously.

April 28, 2007

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose

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So right now I’m right on with the Spurs, Suns, Detroit, Cleveland, and New Jersey.

Dallas, Utah, Miami… not so much.

But right now I have to say, I TOLD YOU SO.

April 20, 2007

Sparkling Record Part II: NBA Playoff Preview Edition

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OK, playoff time is here. Each team is done with their 82, some are dreaming of the Finals and some dream to be the final lotto ball for the draft. The draft blog is coming up… for sure, almost gotta do a live blog on that one. Anyways, let’s see who is going to get the fishing gear out early…



I think this is the series that is “sweeping the upset nation.” Meaning every talking head is saying, “Watch out for the Warriors, the swept Dallas in the season.” The Mavs can not lose this series. Hear that? They CAN NOT. A lose here might destroy everything. I could see Dirk not being the same ever again. This would be their point on the True Hollywood Story where the narrorator says, “Then things took a turn for the worse for the Mavericks…” Leading up to stories of how Cuban sold the team and bought the Cubs. Here’s what makes this totally worth it… if the Warriors wear their 3rd jersey with “The City” on the front and the cable car on the back. That is my favorite jersey in all the NBA.


I just don’t see how Kobe can carry the Lakers over the Suns with out ANYTHING. The Suns are just too good. And is there is a feeling that the Suns could pick up any free agent. What NBA player would say, “No, I don’t want to play with a guy who makes Barbosa look like an All-Star.” I wouldn’t put it past KG going there, you think he doesn’t want to?


The Spurs always have various problems with the Nuggets and now that Iverson is there I think that at home they can pull off a couple wins. This is one of those games where if the NBA still did a 3 game series you might have a little more hope for the Nuggets but in a 7 game series you usually have the best team come out on top. Here’s the thing I have noticed all season about the Spurs, everyone who comes to this team takes on the Spurs mentality when they get there. Meaning, Finley would foul someone and just stand there when he was in Dallas, now he does the whole routine of talking to the ref with the “I did nothing wrong” look that Bruce Bowen and Duncan have perfected.

UTAH (4) OVER HOUSTON (5) in 7

Put this down as my biggest least surprise of the day for you… Tracy McGrady never gets out of the first round. When Utah wins Van Gundy will explode. Literally. T-Mac will pout. Here’s the thing, Utah looked unstoppable in the beginging of the season, I would think Sloann can get that fire back, why he isn’t coach of the year is beyond me, the voters must think Malone and Stockton are still there.



That’s right, I am for once throwing my hat over the wall and saying someone will get swept and if it is going to be anyone Orlando is a good candidate. A couple injuries, too many young guys, and they are going up against a better team. Basketball is one sport where a team tends to go through the playoffs a couple years before they win with any level of confidence.


No Arenas, no winning. Know Arenas, know winning. Which brings me to…


82 games and Chicago blows one at the end to give them Miami instead of Washington. Washington is the easy draw with Agent 0 out. Chicago wins that last game and they easily roll into round 2 where they get another easy draw facing the winner of…


That’s right, you read all that and I pick ONE damn upset. Listen, Jason Kidd is still the number two point guard in the league and there is enough of Richard Jefferson back and Carter actually was “All Man, All Season” this year. Either way Toronto has a great squad, and this will be a barn barner. Look for the Raptors to try and cut off passing lanes, but not remembering that Kidd will drive the lane himself. He is still a joy to watch, don’t put it past him to get at least one triple double in this series.

Okay there ya go, I’ll see you in Round 2, where I will admit I am an idiot when all my picks are wrong. Until then, leave some comments and email me.

Playoff edition moment of zen…


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