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January 22, 2009

Weather Showdown Week II

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Okay so after looking at my spreadsheet for hours on end I found an error in judgment.  When I did my figuring I saw that if someone predicted 10 degrees too hot one day, they could fix their error by being 10 degrees too cold on another.  So I had to add absolute values (ABS in Numbers) to the chart.  That should fix the problem.  I’m not going to go back and fix last week, but this week ABC is in the lead.

Standings so far:

1. ABC

2. Fox 

3. CBS

4. Yahoo!

5. Weather.com 

6. Weather Underground 

7. AccuWeather


January 17, 2009

Weatherman Showdown – Final

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For the past week I used the Sunday forecast from 5 different sources and graded them on how far they were off on predicting the high and low temperatures.  

The winner?  CBS’s Mike Burger who for the week combined was off on an average of ZERO degrees.  Sure he was high sometimes, and low others, but it averaged out to zero.  His worst day was the Tuesday high, where he predicted 53 and it was 46, only 7 degrees off.  


Who was last?  Weather.com, who is also NBC’s forecast, as they were on average about 5 degrees off.  Their worst day was Friday’s low, they guessed 37 and it got down to 22. 

Overall every single one guessed higher on average than lower.  This means that the cold front that came though Wednesday night and is just leaving today was worse than anyone really thought.  Dan Henry on Fox was first, two weeks ago, to predict this cold front, while others were saying it would go further to the east and we would not get any of its effect.

Standings: (Average Degrees off Actual Temperature)

1. CBS (0.1)

2. Weather Underground (1.3)

3. Fox (1.6)

4. ABC (2.0)

5. Weather.com/NBC (4.4)

Yes, I had entirely too much fun doing this, and next week I am planning on adding Yahoo! and AccuWeather.  I was really hoping Fox would win, but numbers don’t lie, if you want the best forecast and live in Dallas, tune into CBS 11.

January 14, 2009

Weatherman Showdown

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Sunday night I watched/looked at 5 different weather forecasts for Dallas; Fox, ABC, CBS, and the websites Weather.com and WUnderground.com. Weather.com is from the Weather Channel and that is what NBC uses for their forecasts. I looked at the forecast for Monday thru Friday, specifically the high and low temperatures. So far here are the standings, with how far off in degrees the forecasts have been so far:

1. FOX (0)
2. CBS (0)
3. Weather Underground (1)
4. ABC (2)
5. Weather.com (3)

No one has broken out in a lead, or fell to the bottom. This Thursday will be the deal breaker with the Canadian Cold Front on the way, Fox has the low at 26 and ABC thinks it will be 33. This will be interesting, and I’m the only one who would ever do this.

January 13, 2009

Nike Dunk High SB: “Big Gulp”

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I wish I owned anything that would match these…



January 4, 2009

2010 Winter Classic?

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With the huge success of the NHL’s 2009 Winter Classic one would ponder, where will next years game take place?  I imagine the NHL has their own criteria; cold weather town, in America, traditional hockey market, ect.  I cannot blame them, the 2009 game was the best rated regular season game in 13 years, so they did something right.  So we can probably narrow down next season’s home site pretty easily.  

Already been to the rodeo – Detroit, Chicago, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Montreal, Edmonton

Too Hot – Atlanta, Carolina, Florida, Tampa Bay, Nashville, St. Louis, Anaheim, Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Jose

Not in America – Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver

This leaves 9 teams; New Jersey, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, Columbus, Colorado, Minnesota, and both teams from New York.

Columbus and Minnesota are too new (2000) to be in the running, 8 teams. (I know Minnesota had the North Stars, but the Wild are not anyway related to the Stars.  I know hockey is huge in Minnesota.)

Washington has never won the cup, down to 6 teams.

It will be one of these teams; New Jersey, Philadelphia, Boston, Colorado, and both teams from New York.

I believe the New York teams will play each other in 2011, when the “new” Meadowlands is finished, everyone wants it to be in the new Yankee Stadium, but the new Meadowlands will seat nearly 100,000 people, the effect that would have on TV would be huge.  Plus it will be… “The 2011 NHL Winter Classic brought to you by Subway!”

New Jersey is typically a solid team, but never fills their own 17,000 capacity arena.  

Now there are 3; Philadelphia, Boston, and Colorado.

Sunday’s high temperatures for those 3 cities are all right around 35.  Perfect weather, and there is snow in all 3 of their five day forecasts.  So let’s see venues…

Philly has what would be the best venue yet for the game, Beaver Stadium.  It holds 110,000 people and like I mentioned before, when people see that on TV it has a staggering effect.  I don’t know if the Flyers fans could pack the stadium, but it would be a sea of orange and white if they did.

Colorado has a couple decent venues, Invesco Field at Mile High was used for the Democratic National Convention, and seats nearly 77,000.  There is also Coors Field, where the Rockies play, that seats about 60,000.  The only problem is that the Avalanche only get 88% of attendance at home games, plus they play in a smaller market than Philly or Boston.

Boston has the next logical venue.  The Winter Classic looked at home in Wrigley, so putting it in Fenway Park would seemingly work just as well, if not better.  So that’s my pick.  Boston, but I think Philly would look amazing in Happy Valley.

Moment of zen…

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