Terrible Knucklehead

August 9, 2008


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Watching the Opening Ceremonies for the Beijing games I saw:

– George Dub in the crowd who appeared to be looking for the beer-man as if it were a baseball game.  

– 400 Russians who weren’t invading Georgia.  How is this not front page news.  We are at war with Iraq, Russia is at war with Georgia.  We’re close to a third “big one” and no one cares.

– Carlos Boozer doesn’t wear a damned hat for no damn country.

– All this talk of China being the new America, LISTEN… the 2016 games could be in Chicago.  2016 is the last year of the Obama-nation, give him 8 years and we are America again.  

– France was best dressed.  Well, I didn’t see Italy, so they could be second.

– NBC needed something online so you could watch the George Bush feed only.

– The whole footprint painting thing was a damned good idea, smart.

– I just saw Georgia!  They have a woman competing in shooting at the Olympics?!  Get her back home!!

– The whole myspace picture (point camera at yourself) at the Olympics thing has to stop.  Please, just Twitter while walking.

– Ad for the What-a-burger Patty Melt.  If it would have been in HD I would have went for it right now.


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