Terrible Knucklehead

October 19, 2007

Quick Hits

Filed under: Uncategorized — Marcus Ramsey @ 12:40 am

– PS3 price dropped. I’m not pissed that I got the 60GB and the 80GB is now the same price. Why? It’s easy as hell to upgrade that on the PS3. Thank you Sony for not making an overpriced, proprietary drive ala Microsoft.

– There are at least 5 games out right now I want, quickly… Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, NBA 2K8, Stranglehold, FIFA 08.

– Woot won tonight, it was Shirt.Woot. Got two.

– USF lost, thank God. I really like the BCS system and these things will destroy it eventually. Listen up, the BCS means every game matters. Imagine if because Dallas lost to New England on last Sunday that their championship run was nearly gone. That’s what the BCS does, this season a one loss team will be in the championship, maybe two one loss teams. But that’s it. And listen big school haters, if you put USF in a playoff they have no chance. Let’s say a 8 team playoff bracketed right they would have to play at least… LSU, Kentucky, Oklahoma. You think they make that run? No chance, but they run the table in the season, they are Big East champions and then get at least a BCS bowl, and probably get a shot in the National Title. One big upset vs. three upsets, which sounds easier for the “small guys” to win?

– Moved the bedroom stuff all around all day, tired, goodnight.


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