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October 19, 2007

Quick Hits

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– PS3 price dropped. I’m not pissed that I got the 60GB and the 80GB is now the same price. Why? It’s easy as hell to upgrade that on the PS3. Thank you Sony for not making an overpriced, proprietary drive ala Microsoft.

– There are at least 5 games out right now I want, quickly… Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, NBA 2K8, Stranglehold, FIFA 08.

– Woot won tonight, it was Shirt.Woot. Got two.

– USF lost, thank God. I really like the BCS system and these things will destroy it eventually. Listen up, the BCS means every game matters. Imagine if because Dallas lost to New England on last Sunday that their championship run was nearly gone. That’s what the BCS does, this season a one loss team will be in the championship, maybe two one loss teams. But that’s it. And listen big school haters, if you put USF in a playoff they have no chance. Let’s say a 8 team playoff bracketed right they would have to play at least… LSU, Kentucky, Oklahoma. You think they make that run? No chance, but they run the table in the season, they are Big East champions and then get at least a BCS bowl, and probably get a shot in the National Title. One big upset vs. three upsets, which sounds easier for the “small guys” to win?

– Moved the bedroom stuff all around all day, tired, goodnight.


October 18, 2007

Observations from NBA2K8

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So I’ve played almost 10 games on NBA2K8 at work on lunches and have come to the conclusion that it is a must own game. I knew it would have the best gameplay, but the “personal” touches for each team are out of this world. Playing it is a joy, and when playing with Josh at work we often comment, “there’s no other game with that… ever.” Here are some of the things I’m talking about, most of them crowd related.

Fans in San Antonio – Just like the real fans in San Antonio they know two chants; “GO SPURS GO” and “D-FENSE!” This is, trust me, the first game to have the real “dum-da-dum-da-dum…. GO SPURS GO!” chant. I totally freaked when I heard it. The other great moment is when Bruce Bowen shoots the fans yell, “BRUUUUUUUUUCE!”

Bruce Bowen – Speaking of, he shuts down Kobe in the game. Or LeBron. Or anyone else. It’s him. How do you know for sure? I have yet to miss a three from the corner with an open Bruce Bowen. And when the crowd yells “BRUUUUUUUCE!” it is a “holy shit, they actually did that?” moment.

Fans in Detroit – Okay, I love the Spurs, so I’m going to like the Pistons. It’s slow, defensive minded basketball in both cities. But the fans and arena are great because they have all of the following in the game… “DETROIT…. BASKETBALLLLL!” “Scored by Chauncy B-B-B-Billups” “SHEEEEEEED!” “PRIIIIINCE!” It’s awesome. Playing a home game there is just awe inspiring, and loud.

Rasheed Wallace – Okay, so it’s got his shot style and his spot on the head and the Air Force Ones. But, call a timeout and Sheed goes and talks to the refs for the whole timeout.

Phoenix Fans – Remember when I said Detroit was a very loud place to play? Well Phoenix is dead on, as a quiet place to play. Sure, fans cheer, but in Detroit you can tell it’s 16,000 nutzo, riot when we win, Pistons fans, and in Phoenix it’s 16,000 average fans. At least on the team you get Marions shot, and Stevie Nash makes any layup he tries that isn’t blocked.

The arena atmosphere makes this game a step above the others. It’s like nothing else. And it amazes me that EA Sports, being known for “it’s in the game”, can’t even put the Eagles, Jets, Redskins, or anyone else’s cheer in Madden? If there was an NFL2K8 you would have all of the above plus, cheeseheads, Seattle’s 12th man, Raider’s blackhole fans, Cleveland dawgs, Redskins Pigs, Jets Fireman Ed, Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, Steelers terrible towels, and whatever else I’m missing. Just imagine playing in Pittsburgh in the playoffs with 80,000 towels waving, or in Philly hearing “FLY EAGLES FLY, ON THE WAY TO VICTORY” when you give up that TD. Wouldn’t that be better than the same old, “Touchdown!” then it plays generic music for 4 seconds?

So here’s my comparison shot, I do this all the time with EA vs. 2K….

Kevin Garnett (Real)


NBA Live 08

Obvious to me that 2K8 got it right.

October 17, 2007

The Asshats That Run Apple

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Every 6 months or so Apple ruins life if you are a fan of the forbidden fruit computer company. Apple, in a shark contrast to any PC company will have a huge press conference, in fact there are usually a couple per year.

In the past few years Apple has bitten into the PC market with their “halo” effect. Meaning, people who bought the iPod for $249 soon realized that the iTunes program and the simple yet very serving menus on the iPod were much better than anything SanDisk, Creative, or Samsung was putting out. Some of those customers moved on to purchase an Apple computer, either a Mac Pro desktop or the high end MacBook Pro or the hot selling MacBook.

The thing I feel the need to warn these new Apple fans about is the way Apple will treat you now. Now that you’ve been computing and not worrying about virus infections, and having a great time editing photos and movies, while still being able to do “work” Apple is about to rock your whoring world baby.

They annouced just a couple days ago Leopard. Or as some might say “OSX 10.5.0” It’s got over 300 new features that Tiger doesn’t and you will have to get it. Now. There is a fucking countdown on their site because now that you’re hooked, you want more, and you want it as soon as earthly possible.

This isn’t the end. Know what’s next? Well soon they will start putting Quad cores in the notebooks, then there will be a 3G iPhone, and a iPod with Voip support and who knows what else. But you will have to have it. Hell, I almost bought the new keyboard and I have a MacBook!

Be warned new Apple fans, they’ve done this to us for years now and we love it and hate it at the same time. Just know, when the store on Apple.com is down, your wallet is fucked.

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