Terrible Knucklehead

August 29, 2007

Halo 3 Letdown

Filed under: Uncategorized — Marcus Ramsey @ 10:37 pm

I’m calling it right now, Halo 3 will be a huge let down. It’s so hyped up that it can not come close to the hype right now. So, games on the PS3 like Warhark, Heavenly Sword, GT5: Prologue and so on will look like real winners. Have you seen the reviews for Warhark, it might as well read, “Go online = have fun.”

I’m saying this because Microsoft pissed me off for the last time with Madden 08. I literally can not play it because my 360 has scratched it too much. WTF. I’m done son, done. No more X360 games for me, ever. Period. Write it down.


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