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May 24, 2007

Bird & Magic = Duncan & Shaq?

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I was watching a show on NBA TV that featured the old rivalries of the NBA. On there they mentioned something I hadn’t noticed before, that in the 80’s, Larry Bird or Magic Johnson played in the Finals every year. Now people talk about the NBA not having those type of rivalries and the storyline is missing, but is it really?

Since 1999, Tim Duncan or Shaq have played in every Finals. Starting with Duncan in 1999 and latest with Shaq playing for the Heat in the 2006 Finals. Last season also marked the first time since 1999 that the Lakers or Spurs were not in the Finals.

Tim Duncan plays a smooth, calm, and very fundamental game of basketball. In a time where every player seemingly shoots to hit no rim or backboard, Duncan shoots many bank shots off of the backboard. Where other marquee players such as Kevin Garnett seem to “show off,” Duncan goes about his business very quietly. Many times Duncan will score 30 points, and grab 10 rebounds and no one notices because it is his average game.

Shaq played for years in Los Angeles and people would say the only player who played like Shaq was Allen Iverson. Both men would cut right through defenders under the rim to get to the basket. Where Iverson used quick moves, Shaq would rely on using his 300+ pound, 7 foot frame to power his way to the rim. Shaking what would seem like the entire arena, the big man would then dance or celebrate after a move that is not fully explained by “slam dunk.” Shaq was never a great defender, but his size alone would stop many offenses as the average center could not post up against O’Neal.

I don’t get why there is no Shaq and Duncan storyline.

I also realized I never said my predictions for round three.

Spurs in 4

Pistons in 4

Sounds logical right?

So that’s enough for now, but I’ll leave you to think about this, Robert Horry has played in every NBA playoffs since 1993.


May 18, 2007

Sparkling Record IV: NBA Playoffs Round 3

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– Spurs over Suns in 6: EXACTLY

– Utah over Golden State in 4: Close

– Detroit over Chicago in 5: Close


– New Jersey over Cleveland in 7: oops.

Round 2 Record: 3-1
Round 1 Record: 6-2

Total: 9-3 (5 Exactly Right)


May 6, 2007

The More In Depth Stuff

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I promised, I deliver.

So far I’ve seen a lot of things in the NBA playoffs that stick out in my mind, so here they are…

Inside the NBA is the best sports related programming on TV outside of PTI. If you missed the “Can Chuck Tell Which Donut is Krispy Kreme?” thing then you missed the best TV in the last month. The combo they have is perfect, and it’s odd how when they get Magic or Reggie on occasion the show is just as good. ESPN needs to take notice, hearing Steven A Smith yell, then Greg Anthony go on for too long, and then they bring in Tom Tolbert and it goes to hell. Matter of fact, at this point just tell TNT to do it, give up.

The Mavericks lost their series in Game 1 when Avery Johnson changed his line up to match Don Nelson’s small quick team. I can all but promise that Nelson got the news of Johnson’s lineup change and RAN to the locker room and YELLED, “WE GOT THEM SCARED, THEY ARE SCARED OF US!!!” Then Golden State proceeded to play great basketball and won.

And that’s another thing, Golden State won the series, Dallas did not give it away, or fail, or anything like that. They got beat by a team that played better, that’s what a seven game series does, it shows who is the better team, and better coach.

The Raptors really played great, the foreign guy is great, they play fast enough to beat teams like Detroit, and their coach must be good to beat Sloan for Coach of the Year. Here is what they need to be a “World Class” team… a better food spread in the locker rooms. Chris Bosh needs 20 pounds, by next season.

Here are my “Remaining Team’s Power Rankings:”
1. San Antonio
2. Detroit
3. Phoenix
4. Chicago
5. Utah
6. Golden State
7. New Jersey
8. Cleveland

But I think the NBA doesn’t want Spurs vs. Pistons for the Finals. Both of them are even more polished than they were a couple years ago when they played in the Finals. Meaning, we would watch the slowest basketball possible. Let me do some math, 12 minutes per quarter, or 720 seconds, with both these teams each taking usually the whole 24 second shot clock they would each get 15 tries for a basket. Since both teams play great defense they would shoot 40% from the field, meaning they would make about 6 shots per quarter or about 13 points. 4 quarters of that is 52 points! Could you imagine a 51-52 score in a playoff game? You think the NBA wants that? Wouldn’t the Suns and Cavs be more fun to watch for average fans?

And here goes, moment of zen…

I love those Gigantes jerseys, hope everyone had a safe Cinco de Mayo.

Sparkling Record III: Right From Wrong Edition

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– Suns over Lakers in 5: Exactly right

– Spurs over Nuggets in 6: I gave the Nuggets one more win than it took.

– Utah over Houston in 7: Exactly right

– Detroit over Orlando in 4: Exactly right

– Cleveland over Washington in 4: Exactly right

– New Jersey over Toronto in 7: It only took the Nets 6 games.


– Dallas over Golden State in 6: I think we all know how that went, only pick where I was happy to be wrong.

– Miami over Chicago in 5: At least D-Wade is funny in the ads with Charles Barkley.

So here are the quick picks for round two…

– Spurs over Suns in 6
– Utah over Golden State in 4

– Detroit over Chicago in 5
– New Jersey over Cleveland in 7

More in depth stuff some other night, but work calls early tomorrow, so goodnight and moment of zen…

So there were stars at the Warriors game who were FAKERS, but props to Owen Wilson who was there, he is a huge Nellie fan, how do I know? Because he scored Nellie A-LIST seats at the Oscars a year ago. Seriously.

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