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April 28, 2007

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose

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So right now I’m right on with the Spurs, Suns, Detroit, Cleveland, and New Jersey.

Dallas, Utah, Miami… not so much.

But right now I have to say, I TOLD YOU SO.


April 25, 2007

One Month!

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I’ve been open for business for one month now and can not stop blogging on. I just picked up Pokemon Pearl and consider me sold on the game, I love it. I really want the Strategy Guide just to have a quality Pokedex. Unless someone could point me to a good printable one.

And I know I predicted the Mavs winning the series against the Warriors, and I do want them to, I think it’s only right for the Spurs to have to go through them to get to the Finals, BUT the Baron Davis ejection was bullshit. He got Duncanned.

Oh and for the readers, moment of zen…


April 20, 2007

Sparkling Record Part II: NBA Playoff Preview Edition

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OK, playoff time is here. Each team is done with their 82, some are dreaming of the Finals and some dream to be the final lotto ball for the draft. The draft blog is coming up… for sure, almost gotta do a live blog on that one. Anyways, let’s see who is going to get the fishing gear out early…



I think this is the series that is “sweeping the upset nation.” Meaning every talking head is saying, “Watch out for the Warriors, the swept Dallas in the season.” The Mavs can not lose this series. Hear that? They CAN NOT. A lose here might destroy everything. I could see Dirk not being the same ever again. This would be their point on the True Hollywood Story where the narrorator says, “Then things took a turn for the worse for the Mavericks…” Leading up to stories of how Cuban sold the team and bought the Cubs. Here’s what makes this totally worth it… if the Warriors wear their 3rd jersey with “The City” on the front and the cable car on the back. That is my favorite jersey in all the NBA.


I just don’t see how Kobe can carry the Lakers over the Suns with out ANYTHING. The Suns are just too good. And is there is a feeling that the Suns could pick up any free agent. What NBA player would say, “No, I don’t want to play with a guy who makes Barbosa look like an All-Star.” I wouldn’t put it past KG going there, you think he doesn’t want to?


The Spurs always have various problems with the Nuggets and now that Iverson is there I think that at home they can pull off a couple wins. This is one of those games where if the NBA still did a 3 game series you might have a little more hope for the Nuggets but in a 7 game series you usually have the best team come out on top. Here’s the thing I have noticed all season about the Spurs, everyone who comes to this team takes on the Spurs mentality when they get there. Meaning, Finley would foul someone and just stand there when he was in Dallas, now he does the whole routine of talking to the ref with the “I did nothing wrong” look that Bruce Bowen and Duncan have perfected.

UTAH (4) OVER HOUSTON (5) in 7

Put this down as my biggest least surprise of the day for you… Tracy McGrady never gets out of the first round. When Utah wins Van Gundy will explode. Literally. T-Mac will pout. Here’s the thing, Utah looked unstoppable in the beginging of the season, I would think Sloann can get that fire back, why he isn’t coach of the year is beyond me, the voters must think Malone and Stockton are still there.



That’s right, I am for once throwing my hat over the wall and saying someone will get swept and if it is going to be anyone Orlando is a good candidate. A couple injuries, too many young guys, and they are going up against a better team. Basketball is one sport where a team tends to go through the playoffs a couple years before they win with any level of confidence.


No Arenas, no winning. Know Arenas, know winning. Which brings me to…


82 games and Chicago blows one at the end to give them Miami instead of Washington. Washington is the easy draw with Agent 0 out. Chicago wins that last game and they easily roll into round 2 where they get another easy draw facing the winner of…


That’s right, you read all that and I pick ONE damn upset. Listen, Jason Kidd is still the number two point guard in the league and there is enough of Richard Jefferson back and Carter actually was “All Man, All Season” this year. Either way Toronto has a great squad, and this will be a barn barner. Look for the Raptors to try and cut off passing lanes, but not remembering that Kidd will drive the lane himself. He is still a joy to watch, don’t put it past him to get at least one triple double in this series.

Okay there ya go, I’ll see you in Round 2, where I will admit I am an idiot when all my picks are wrong. Until then, leave some comments and email me.

Playoff edition moment of zen…


April 17, 2007

32 Families

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32 people were killed in the shooting at Virginia Tech on Monday. Think about those 32 moms and 32 dads and 32 brothers and sisters that have lost a loved one, who was doing well, going to college, looking to graduate and have a future. Now that future is gone, and right before the prime of life.

Sadly, the little known rememberance of Emancipation Day went totally forgotten. That’s right Nation, 145 years ago President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Act.

God be with those 32 families. Zen…

Can’t we just go back to this being all I think of when I hear “Virginia Tech?”

April 12, 2007

4th Overtime

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Okay, I might be the only person in Dallas watching this game at this point. The next period starts in about 10 minutes, at about 2:10 AM. I think this game made it to the 2nd longest in Dallas history. Right behind that marathon of a game against the Ducks a few years ago. I remember the crowd cheering when the Ducks won, let me correct that, I remember the DALLAS crowd cheering when the Ducks won. Almost a “thank you for playing hockey for 150 minutes” cheer. They are at 120 right now. I think.

Thank God there are no TV time outs. These Robocop ads were old right from the get-go.

Waiting on 3rd OT to Start

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Waiting on the 3rd overtime period in the Stars game to start I came across this…

“Every time a Dodger scores a run, an angel has its wings ripped off by a demon, and is forced to tearfully beg the demon to cauterize the wounds.The demon will refuse, and the sobbing angel will lie in a puddle of angel blood and feathers for eternity, wondering why the Dodgers are allowed to score runs.That’s not me talking: that’s science.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

April 5, 2007


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Today was the draft day for my Fantasy Baseball team, the Gigantes. This season I feel fairly well about my team, but who doesn’t love their team on day one?

1. (8) David Ortiz
2. (17) Ichiro Suzuki
3. (32) Joe Mauer
4. (41) Brian Roberts
5. (56) Juan Pierre
6. (65) Huston Street
7. (80) Scott Rolen
8. (89) Stephen Drew
9. (104) Aaron Harang
10. (113) Dontrelle Willis
11. (128) Iván Rodríguez
12. (137) Bronson Arroyo
13. (152) Barry Zito
14. (161) Barry Bonds
15. (176) Jon Garland
16. (185) Adrián Béltre
17. (200) Akinori Otsuka
18. (209) Lyle Overbay
19. (224) Omar Vizquel
20. (233) Kenny Lofton
21. (248) Fernando Rodney

There was only one instance where the guy right before me took who I wanted and it was Kevin Millwood in a late round.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has visited in my first week here at WordPress. I am really enjoying myself, and I would like to think that all you visitors are having a good time.

And on to the moment of zen… (Gigantes FTW!)

April 3, 2007

Started, Uni’s from Day 1

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Ahhhhhh yes, baseball is back in full swing and there is nothing finer than having the American pastime back. On the day after the first day I figured I would do a little rundown of the action, and a run down of the stylings from around the American League.

New York 9 – Tampa Bay 5
The Yankees took the field wearing a black stripe on their arm in memory of pitcher Corey Lidle who died in a plane crash.

The Devil Rays are sporting their 10 seasons patch. The Devil is slowing being dropped from the Rays and the colors are now just green, white, and black which is a far departure from their original jersey which had, well, a lot of color. Compare that to this and you have come a long way baby. Just drop the vest they wear at home and make it a jersey and the Rays got a pretty decent uni.

Toronto 5 – Detroit 3
Toronto made a couple changes in the offseason, one of them was this hat that they decided to wear on day one. I don’t much like it, it looks too much like an “L” upside down, which means every time I see it, I think of this. That’s all I really want to say about the Blue Jays as they seem to be dropping the “Blue” from the Jays, although Casey Janssen seems to know how to wear his pants.

Detroit has, by far and away the best uniform in the American League. From the unique pants with more belt loops to the non-matching “D” on the jersey and hat. Plus there is nothing thrown on there for no reason.

Boston 1 – Kansas City 7
Boston looked like Boston, go figure. So here’s a pic of Papi missing a belt loop from an exhibition game saturday.

And, surprise, Kansas City looked like Kansas City. Gee though, they won, so now they can’t be worried about losing all of ’em.

Oakland 0 – Seattle 4
Oakland did not really change anything, so here is a pic of Milton Bradley wearing one of those nasty looking Nike undershirts from the game.

Seattle is wearing a special 30th Anniversary patch this season seen here.

Baltimore 4 – Minnesota 7
Baltimore changed nothing, after all, if it worked last year, let’s keep on keeping on.

The Twins are wearing a black arm band in rememberance of Herb Carneal, their longtime radio broadcaster. They were pretty thick. The Twins catcher Joe Mauer is still wearing the 1970’s style catchers helmet.

So far, so good.

Bonds Watch Part I

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Remember I said Bonds was on pace for something special. On the eve of the season I checked the spring stats to notice, in the last game of spring Bonds hit two more home runs. Bringing the projected totals to…

57 Home Runs
107 RBI
.333 Batting Average

Hear that? That’s the 2007 MVP race begining.

Moment of zen…

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